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Cosmetic Injections & Dermal Fillers

We provide a range of safe cosmetic injections

As we age the skin on our face loses its elasticity and natural collagen and we start to see wrinkles appear. To restore the plump and soft look of youth, Dr. Alam can undertake minor cosmetic surgery using anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. If you would like to refresh and enhance your appearance, make a time for a consultation at AMSC. Call us on 1300 274 101 to arrange a consultation.

Surgery Information


Crow's Feet

Crows feet are the annoying lines around your eyes that can age your appearance far more rapidly than many other conditions. You don’t need to put up with crow’s feet, just call Australian Minor Surgery Clinic on 1300 274 101 to arrange a consultation with our professional and very caring doctor, Dr. Alam.


Glabella & Frown Lines

Are you a frowner? Those concentration / frown lines tend to stay put and can make you look worried and upset. At the Australian Minor Surgery Clinic, we offer a quick procedure that corrects the frown lines and freshens your face. What are you waiting for?


Brow Lift

How would you like to regain your youthful look?  The eye area is the first place we notice when looking at someone, and a ‘dropped brow line’ can give you the appearance of being tired which does age your look. Contact Australian Minor Surgery Clinic and make a time for a consultation with our very caring Dr. Alam.



We use our facial muscles in different ways which give us our expression. But if you’re starting to feel worried all the time about the lines in your forehead, you should make an appointment for a consultation at Australian Minor Surgery Clinic. Dr. Alam is known for his caring and professionalism. Contact Australian Minor Surgery Clinic on 1300 274 101 . You will be overjoyed with your line free, fresh new look.

Dermal Fillers


Cheek Augmentation

Fundamental facial structures such as cheek bones add so much character and beauty to the face. As we age our cheeks tend to lose that youthful fullness and start to look a little hollow, which can change the shape of your face. Restoring cheek structure is easy with the skilled use of modern dermal fillers. Dr Alam from Australian Minor Surgery Clinic will undertake a consultation to discuss how dermal fillers can help enhance and freshen up your look. Contact us on 1300 274 101 and take that first step in revitalizing yourself.


Naso-labial folds & Marionettes

Naso-labial folds & Marionette lines near the nose and mouth, deepen with time and quickly make a face look tired as well as aging your face beyond your years. Dermal fillers can improve your look dramatically and Dr Alam from Australian Minor Surgery Clinic offers a caring and professional service to smooth out and reduce these lines. Contact us today on 1300 274 101 and book your consultation with the expert staff at AMSC.


Lip Enhancement

Now there is something to smile about – at AMSC we can make your lips look younger and fuller. We can help rejuvenate your lips by reducing fine lines and restoring full and smooth volume to the area. At AMSC we ensure you will look natural and rejuvenated. Our staff are professionals in this field and are available for an initial consultation when you call 1300 274 101

You can rest-assured that we only use the dermal fillers that suit you and the area of your face, the best.

We provide free consultations, so you can always feel confident when talking to one of our specialists

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