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Sometimes referred to as "ear tuck"

Do you have prominent ears, otapostasis or “bat ear”? This is a common issue experienced among both men and women, occurring in abnormally protruding  ears. As it is a malformation of cartilage during the early stages of life, chances are you’ve been thinking about a corrective procedure for a while. Well we would love to help with this, and can offer you a free consultation at your discretion.

Surgery Information


Sometimes people are born with protruding ears which, as they grow older, can become a problem. At Australian Minor Surgery Clinic (AMSC) we offer a service where the ears are tucked back, correcting prominent ears. Surgery is usually performed under local anesthetic, as day surgery patient. Clients who undergo otoplasty should be aware that this surgery involves exposing the cartilage structure of the ear and reshaping it to create a missing fold and sutures are required.

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