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Our satisfied clients are in the many thousands. They come to Hair Transplant Australia and Australian Minor Surgeries Clinic for a free consultation, and we guide them through the entire process, leaving them with absolutely amazing results from our passion for the industry’s craft.


Before- To be honest I was pretty comfortable right from my first meeting with Sam. Made me feel like I was dealing with the best in the business & they genuinely wanted the outcome that I did. Then once we begun HTA delivered on everything they said.

After- I was really happy! I could see the work & detail that had gone into the procedure & now was excited to get the healing process underway.

In Dr Alam I felt I was working with a real pro in the business of hair transplants. Once I met him it confirmed I had made the right decision in choosing HTA & him to perform my procedure. Every single person I dealt with at HTA was an absolute pleasure to work with and me me feel right at home!


Before my surgery with Dr Alam at HTA, I wouldn't leave my house without a cap on because I was so embarrassed that my hair was thinning. I would always worry that people would notice and comment and if they did it would get me really down. When the day finally came, I was so excited. I flew from Perth to Brisbane to have my surgery and the team at HTA made me feel very comfortable.

Just six months after my FUE hair transplant, I no longer wear a cap and wake up every morning feeling 10 times more confident than I did before. Thank you to Dr Alam and the team at HTA.


I had always thought about having a hair transplant and I decided to give it a try. It was very easy to find Dr Alams surgery online!

Arriving at the surgery I was received with a warm and friendly welcome by Sam. The principles of hair transplant were explained to me and I was shown pre and post examples as well Sam's own hair transplant.

It was easy for me to make a decision. The team is wonderful, it's like a family! They always provided me with the best care, I could have wished for. The procedure and after care was explained to me step by step. All went as explained and expected, and I am so thrilled with my results. I highly recommend HTA to anyone who suffers hair loss.


I was very fearful before getting my hair transplant as I was worried that I was going to look worse then I already did, I'd just rather go bald. I believe that baldness is also a mental health issue in men. 2 years later and I feel good and relieved. I now don't have to worry about my hairline and im glad I made the leap. It was a tough decision but I now feel great


Before visiting Hair Transplant Australia I noticed my hair thinning in certain parts of my head. It made me feel self conscious so I decided to undergo surgery and booked a consultation. The consultation went smoothly and I had all my questions answered. The day of surgery went as expected and I was out before I knew it. I was even given the choice of Nandos for lunch by the nurses who were very accommodating. As a result of the hair transplant I now feel a lot more confident in my every day life.


I started loosing my hair at 23.  It drove me to distraction going bald at such a young age, my mates showed no mercy. Gave no quarter. Wankers all of them, especially Steve.

At age 28 I decided to take action, I had a very painful FUT transplant (strip) in Melbourne early 2011 which yielded an 'okay' result, however it wasn't followed up with any kind of further hair loss management program so as the years rolled on I continued to keep thinning. My perceived Victory was short lived.

In April 2016 - Feeling like shit after a failed relationship, once again I found myself annoyed at my stupid thinning hair. I found HTA on google , made contact  and arranged a consultation with Sam of HTA. Flamboyantly Sam explained the way in which HTA managed their clients post surgery using either medication or PRP treatment and the how their FUE procedure worked.

I liked Sam's genuine enthusiasm and he seemed to know precisely what he was talking about and gave me what seemed like a realistic expectation. I  took an educated punt and booked myself in for surgery (3500 grafts) mid June 2016.  I wanted to fill in my crown area which was completely bald and to also thicken up my hair line.

Based purely on my previous painful 2011 procedure I had arranged someone to collect me each day after the 2day procedure, the plan was to leave my car at the clinic for a few days and collect it when I was feeling upto driving.  I was, infact comfortable enough after surgery on both days to drive to and from the clinic. My post surgery recovery time (apart from a shaved scabby head) I had ZERO swelling and next to no pain. All the tiny post surgery scabs gradually fell off in the shower after about a week and a half, 2 at most.

It took a good 4-5months before I could notice some decent growth starting to happen.

It's now been 12months and 1 week since my FUE hair transplant at HTA... The HTA team have kept regular contact with me to see how I was tracking. I am very pleasantly surprised with the result, especially on my Crown, which had bothered greatly me for a good decade. I've had 3 PRP treatments so far with another 3 PRP treatments to go, I expect by around November 2017 I will have experienced maximum growth and fullness. From then, I will continue with PRP treatment once a year to maintain my "gains".

I am genuinely very very happy with my result, and believe it's better then the expectation Sam described to me when we first met.

People are surprised when I tell them I went to such lengths to keep/get back my hair. "Why didn't you just shave it?" they always ask... My response is always the same,  which is, I don't want to.

I've always said if something in your life is bothering you. Don't bitch, do something about it. So it did. And I'm very glad I did.
Best of luck


Before meeting with Hair Transplant Australia I had unfortunately accepted the fact I was going to loose my hair. I thought there was nothing that was going to stop this, and as many people who know, this feeling it can be quite stressful.

I knew there were a few options that could stall the loss of hair, but was un aware there was something that could stop it.
After meeting with the team at Hair Transplant Australia for the first time I realised there was a solution to my problem. They gave me all the facts and I couldn't sign up fast enough.

The day of the procedure was one of nerves and relief. Dr Alam and his great staff made me feel completely relaxed during the procedure and as the day went on I knew I had made a great choice. Their professionalism is second to none.
During the year after I enjoyed their continued follow ups, which to me showed they wanted a great result just like I did.
Today I sit here very happy and satisfied with everything. My hair has never looked better, and I will forever be grateful to the great team at Hair Transplant Australia.
Thanks again guys!


I had lost a lot of confidence before the transplant and I was nervous and somewhat apprehensive about the whole procedure. But after visiting Dr Alam and his team they put my mind at ease and made me completely comfortable from the initial consultation right through to the surgery and post surgery treatment. Talking me through the process and explaining exactly what to expect. I couldn't be happier with my experience with Dr Alam and his team and I am genuinely blown away with the results.


The staff were incredibly accommodating, transparent and considerate. The procedure was comfortable, and the process and recovery was straight-forward. During the year I have regained not just my hair but confidence and character that has led to new career ventures and opportunities I wouldn't have had without the transplant. It was the perfect choice for me. Thank you so much, this has changed my life truly.



Dr Alam and the team did an outstanding job on my hair. Sam went to extended lengths to make the treatment process comfortable. Dr Alam knows exactly what he is doing and has the bedside manner of a top surgeon. I now have the confidence and youth I felt as a young teen.


I was a bit nervous about having my surgery, Dr Alam and the staff were all fantastic and my results were even better.


Before my hair transplant I was unsure about what options were available to treat my hair loss. After much discussion with my family and friends I decided to meet with my HTA consultant sam who was extremely honest and upfront about what treatments were available.

1 year on from my transplant I am very thankful that I made the decision to use HTA for my transplant. I now feel much more confident in my appearance and can enjoy life without wearing a hat.

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