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Dr Alam is highly experienced and dedicated to men's health services, including Circumcission, Frenulum Breve corrective surgery. Both he and our consultants will talk you through your procedure in an initial consultation in our Queensland, Australia clinic, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in your decision.

Surgery Information


Adult Circumcision

(For ages 16 years and above)

Circumcision is a simple surgical procedure that removes the foreskin – a sleeve of skin covering the tip of the penis. Dr. Alam of AMSC offers this surgical procedure to men in his professional surgical clinics. Dr. Alam has operated on numerous males of all ages (from children to adults) however, in order to make an informed decision about male circumcision, make an appointment at our Brisbane clinic to discuss your circumstances so you can make a careful, considered decision. AMSC will ensure you are treated with great care and professionalism.

Reasons for Adult Circumcision

  • Medical Reasons
    • Phimosis: A condition where the foreskin is too tight and cannot be pulled back over the glans.
    • Paraphimosis: When the retracted foreskin cannot be returned to its original position, leading to painful swelling.
    • Balanitis: Inflammation of the glans.
    • Recurrent UTIs or urinary tract infections.
    • Prevention of Penile cancer: In rare cases where there's a higher risk.
  • Religious or Cultural: Some men decide to get circumcised later in life to align with their cultural or religious beliefs.
  • Aesthetic or Personal Preference: Some men prefer the appearance of a circumcised penis.
  • Sexual: Some believe it might alter sexual sensation, although scientific evidence on this is mixed.

Procedure of Adult Circumcision

  1. The patient usually undergoes local or general anesthesia to numb the area or the entire body.
  2. The foreskin is pulled away from the body, and a circumferential cut is made around the base.
  3. The foreskin is removed, and the remaining skin is stitched back together with dissolving sutures.
  4. The wound is dressed to prevent infection.

Recovery after Adult Circumcision

  1. The typical recovery time is 2 to 4 few weeks.
  2. Swelling, bruising, and pain are expected and can be managed with pain medications.
  3. Men are advised to abstain from sexual activity for about 4-6 weeks after the procedure.
  4. It's essential to keep the area clean and follow any post-operative care instructions provided by the doctor.

Risks of Adult Circumcision

Like any surgery, adult circumcision carries risks, including:

  1. Infection at the surgical site.
  2. Excessive bleeding.
  3. Adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  4. Scarring or unsatisfactory cosmetic results.
  5. Change in penile sensitivity (though this topic remains debatable).
  6. Painful erections or difficulty with intercourse.

Benefits of Adult Circumcision

  1. Reduction in the risk of some sexually transmitted infections, including HIV (though circumcision should not replace safe sex practices).
  2. Easier hygiene.
  3. Prevention of medical conditions like phimosis or recurrent balanitis.

Frenulum Breve Brisbane

What is frenulum breve?

If an uncircumcised man has a problem with his foreskin (the loose skin that covers the end of the penis) such that it is very tightly attached to the undersurface of the glans of the penis, it can cause difficulty in movement of the skin as well as pain during erections. A foreskin that is tight enough to restrict movement is commonly known as a frenulum breve or short frenulum. This is remedied by a procedure called a frenuloplasty, where the tightness and restriction is removed.

What is the treatment for frenulum breve?

While circumcision helps this condition, frenuloplasty is a specialised technique that treats the condition while preserving the foreskin. After a few weeks and the incision healed, the patient will experience reduced or no pain with erections, and will experience an increase in the range of motion for the penile skin. After the short surgery, there will be some discomfort, but very little severe pain.

What can I expect if I have frenulum breve?

Patients return home within two hours of the procedure and while there will be several sutures involved in the procedure, they usually dissolve or drop out within 3-4 weeks of the procedure.

The wound may be washed 48 hours after the surgery. Soreness may be experienced for a few weeks, but after two to three weeks a normal level of activity should be expected, with sexual activity possible within four to six weeks.

 Is frenulum breve complicated?

Complications are rare, and are usually no more serious than a slight bleeding around the area of the incision.

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