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Dr Alam is the resident surgeon and owner of Australian Minor Surgeries and Hair Transplant Australia. He has decades of experience in successful hair transplants and minor surgeries. Read more about Doctor Alam’s experience and story below.

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Dr Alam is a Fellow of the Royal college of Surgeons in Ireland and a Fellow of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery. He has many years of experience in General and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery from the UK and Australia. Number of his satisfied patients over the years goes in many thousands. Dr Alam has been a mentor for Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery to train new doctors in this challenging field. He is currently working on a number of projects to further improve microsurgical instruments used for Hair Transplant Surgery.
Dr Alam has dedicated himself to provide state of the art services in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with special emphasis on FUE Hair Transplant surgery. We have gathered a world class team of hair transplant technicians and doctors to provide you the same level of treatment, care and results that you would expect in the most advanced and expensive clinics in the western world.
Follicular unit extraction (FUE) Surgeon, Dr. Alam is internationally renowned for restoring hair loss.  Dr Alam is a fellow of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Dr Alam has been working with Hair Transplant Australia for a number of years and has practiced internationally.  Dr Alam has mentored new doctors from the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery.  He is passionate about helping people restore their hair, providing honest advice to clients and maintaining absolute comfort and care.



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“the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” and it wasn’t until I interviewed Sam from Hair Transplant Australia (HTA) that I really understood the meaning of this quote by Oprah. As I sat with Sam I couldn’t help but feel his passion for supporting people with HONEST advice about treatments for hair loss. I also couldn’t help but admire his beautiful, thick hair – and think to myself, he really does know what works in this industry!!
Although Sam has been through his own journey with losing his hair - which resulted in a dreadful loss of self-confidence, he is adamant that he will one day help ‘clean up’ the hair-loss industry and its sale of ‘false hope and the flawed promises’ he was given as he travelled through the mine-field of solutions for hair-loss.

Sam’s story is one that affects many young men. It’s the journey that starts when a young man, in his prime, starts to lose his hair. When Sam was in his mid-twenties and travelling the globe for work, he was a confident and self-assured young man, able to present in front of audiences and speak confidently with people from all walks of life. That is until he noticed his hairline receding and his hair thinning - then his energy became misdirected into worrying if anyone/everyone was noticing. No amount of styling the hair to cover these areas seemed to work. And no amount of product seemed to work.

Sam started to lose his confidence and became fixated on changing his diet and fitness regime in an effort to stop the thinning process. Self-diagnosing what was happening to him as being caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, he continued on a path of training harder and more frequently overcompensating for what was happening to his hair. As time went on Sam’s lack of confidence spiraled into a deep sense of hopelessness and he set out on a journey to find something that would slow down his hair loss and give him back the look of a young man.

As a very famous person once said “education is power” …. and Sam learnt a lot about some areas of the hair-loss industry. From herbal medicines to ray-lamps, from pills and potions and lock-in contracts for hair renewal, Sam tried or considered it all. Finally, his frustration changed to relief when Sam met Dr. Alam from HTA. Sam found Dr. Alam’s willingness to listen to his story and provide him with honest, factual information, refreshing and comforting and honest. With trust in the information Dr. Alam provided him about the procedure which would regrow his hair, Sam underwent FUE treatment with Dr. Alam and has not looked back.
Due to the great results and his absolute confidence in FUE and Dr. Alam’s team, Sam is now working at Hair Transplant Australia and is helping reinforce many people’s confidence and trust in the hair-transplant industry. Armed with the power of experience, training and the trust that Sam has in his mentor, Dr. Alam, Sam wants all men, young and old, currently going through the helpless feeling of losing their hair, to schedule a consultation at HTA. Each prospective client is given time to discuss their hair loss worries and are offered honest, evidence based information regarding procedures that will correct their personal hair loss concerns.

As only a true professional can, Sam knows his stuff – and thanks to Dr. Alam at Hair Transplant Australia, you can see the evidence that he is one person in this industry who really does walk the talk!!!



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